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Today's Likes Ranking
Jeremy CorbynLabour413290
Mr David LammyLabour311681
Caroline LucasGreen27586
Sir Vince CableLiberal Democrat33747
John RedwoodConservative22701
Joanna CherryScottish National32430
Jess PhillipsLabour12070
Johnny MercerConservative61899
Chuka UmunnaChange UK21896
Steve BakerConservative21819
Today's Retweets Ranking
Jeremy CorbynLabour44855
Mr David LammyLabour33683
Caroline LucasGreen21565
Sir Vince CableLiberal Democrat31197
Joanna CherryScottish National31031
John RedwoodConservative2864
Johnny MercerConservative6777
Steve BakerConservative2655
Chuka UmunnaChange UK2544
Layla MoranLiberal Democrat4538