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Today's Likes Ranking
Jess PhillipsLabour1412357
Jeremy CorbynLabour511098
Mr David LammyLabour108437
Jacob Rees-MoggConservative27289
Tom WatsonLabour76405
Nadine DorriesConservative15074
John RedwoodConservative44639
Rory StewartConservative24330
Chuka UmunnaChange UK34191
Michael FabricantConservative44127
Today's Retweets Ranking
Jeremy CorbynLabour53656
Mr David LammyLabour102610
Tom WatsonLabour72030
Jacob Rees-MoggConservative22008
Nadine DorriesConservative11520
John RedwoodConservative41414
Michael FabricantConservative41402
Caroline LucasGreen41179
Jess PhillipsLabour141157
Jo SwinsonLiberal Democrat111068