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Today's Likes Ranking
Mr David LammyLabour32268
Jeremy CorbynLabour1939
Joanna CherryScottish National2883
Steve BakerConservative1528
Chris HazzardSinn Fein2284
Boris JohnsonConservative2264
John McDonnellLabour1215
Anna SoubryIndependent1204
Sir Edward DaveyLiberal Democrat2114
Jonathan EdwardsPlaid Cymru4105
Today's Retweets Ranking
Mr David LammyLabour3624
Jeremy CorbynLabour1414
Joanna CherryScottish National2300
Steve BakerConservative1233
Boris JohnsonConservative2145
John McDonnellLabour1135
Chris HazzardSinn Fein284
Anna SoubryIndependent153
Kirsty BlackmanScottish National350
Sarah JonesLabour234