DivisionDateAyesNoesDidn't VoteResult
Main Motion 2019-09-0332830121Aye
Take order paper to stop No Deal2019-06-1229830943No
Government Motion - Ask EU for extension2019-04-09420110120Aye
Benn Amendment - Indicative Votes Monday2019-04-0331031029No
Business of the house - Debate Cooper bill2019-04-0331231126Aye
Cooper Bill - Amendment 1 (Main)2019-04-0312348839No
Cooper Bill - Amendment 212019-04-0330431332No
Cooper Bill - Amendment 222019-04-0321940034No
Cooper Bill - Amendment NC42019-04-0310550936No
Cooper Bill - Second Reading2019-04-0331431025Aye
Cooper Bill - Third Reading2019-04-0331331224Aye
Common Market 2.02019-04-01261282106No
Confirmatory Public Vote2019-04-0128029277No
Customs Union2019-04-01273276100No
Indicative Vote Motion 22019-04-0132227750Aye
Parliamentary Supremacy2019-04-01191292166No
MV 2.52019-03-2928634419No
George Eustice motion H (EFTA and EEA)2019-03-2765377207No
Jeremy Corbyn motion K (Labour alternative plan)2019-03-27237307105No
Joanna Cherry motion L (Revocation to avoid no deal)2019-03-27184293172No
Margaret Beckett motion M (Confirmatory public vote)2019-03-2726829586No
Mr Baron motion B (No deal)2019-03-2716040089No
Mr Clarke motion J (Customs union)2019-03-27264272113No
Mr Fysh motion O (Contingent preferential arrangements)2019-03-2713942288No
Nick Boles motion D (Common market 2.0)2019-03-27188283178No
Beckett Amendment (f) - Vote on long extension or no deal2019-03-2531131424No
Letwin (a) MPs take order paper - indicative votes2019-03-2532930219Aye
Main Motion as amended - Indicative votes on Wednesday2019-03-2532730022Aye
Amendment (e) - May's deal rejected, find new approach2019-03-1430231829No
Amendment (h) - People's Vote2019-03-1485334231No
Amendment (i) "MP's Take Control"2019-03-1431231423No
Extend Article 50 2019-03-1441320235Aye
Powel's amendment to Amendment (i)2019-03-1431131424No
Amendment (a) Rule Out No Deal2019-03-1331130929Aye
Amendment (f) - Malthouse Compromise2019-03-13164374111No
Main Motion Amendment (a)2019-03-1332127850Aye
May Deal V22019-03-1224239116No
Blackford Amendment2019-02-2728832437No
Cooper Amendment2019-02-2750220127Aye
Corbyn Amendment2019-02-2724032386No
draft REACH etc.2019-02-25297239113Aye
Blackford Amendment2019-02-1493315241No
Corbyn Amendment2019-02-1430632221No
Government Motion2019-02-1425930387No
Blackford Amendment2019-01-2939327283No
Cooper Amendment2019-01-2929832130No
Corbyn Amendment2019-01-2929632726No
Grieve Amendment2019-01-2930132127No
Reeves Amendment2019-01-2929032237No
Spelman Amendment2019-01-2931831021Aye
May's Brexit Deal V12019-01-1520243215No