Who spends the most on their military?

Annual Military Budget

1# United States of America

american flag

The United states of America tops the list for the highest annual expenditure on its military. As of 2013, the USA had an annual military spending of $640 billion.

The graph below shows the increase in military spending from 1988 to 2013.

american flag graph

 Source: SIPRI, Showing USA’s Military spending.

2# China


Second to the USA is the People’s Republic of China.

With a military budget of  $188 billion (2013), China rules over its Asian neighbours. The graph below depicts how China has drastically increased its spending on its military since 2003.

The graph below shows the annual military spending from 1988-2013.

china graph

 Source: Adapted from SIPRI, Showing China’s Military spending

3# Russia


Russia has the third lowest annual military spending, with an average budget of $87 billion. Though this number seems small, their army has enormous power.

The graph below shows Russia’s annual military budget between 1988 and 2013.

russia graaph

Source: adapted from SIPRIShowcasing China’s Military spending

USA, China and Russia spend the most money on their military.  Below is a chart showing what other countries spent on their military, between the years 1988-2013.

all graph

The information in this article are based on estimates and adapted from SIPRI.


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