What do they eat in space?

Have you ever wondered what astronauts eat in space? With the return of Scott Kelly from the International Space Station, the talk of space exploration is a popular subject. Astronauts experience all sorts of burdens on their bodies whilst in space and they are physically and mentally challenged. Food is one of the most important factors when preparing for a space mission. We have all seen the movies, where small vacuum-sealed packets of what looks like baby food are all the buzzing space travelers get. However, how far from the truth is this?

Below is a beautifully made infographic on food in space created by our friends at Labeley. It comprises of wonder visuals which explain about the types of food eaten in space.

Infographic - Evolution of Food in Space: From Bland Puree to Almost Like on Earth

How Space Food Affects Earth Food

Advancements in food packaging preservation and preparation to meet the challenges of space travel resulted in many innovations with commercial products used on Earth. Some examples include:

  • Wraps that were used to protect space food now protect food on grocery shelves.
  • Compressed and freeze-dried foods developed by NASA for campers.
  • New generation of ovens based on equipment for ISS (based on air impingement technology).
  • Hot plates for hospitals based on meal service onboard Apollo.
  • Testing system HACCP (testing food and raw materials for bacteria) now used in commercial food system.
  • Algae based oil containing 2 acids that aid mental and visual development found in human milk was used for food in space. Now they use algae based oil for infant formula as a healthy supplement.

– See more at Food in Space – Labeley



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