Watch SpaceX make history by landing on a floating drone ship.

SpaceX made headlines last week as they successfully landed their rocket on a floating droneship for the first time. Watch and be mesmerized by the fluid-like landing of the Dragon spacecraft. After repeated failed attempts at landing their previous aircrafts, SpaceX has been struggling to catch up with Amazon Founder, Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin aircraft.

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2 Responses

  1. Taylor S Marks says:

    You’re terribly, terribly confused if you think SpaceX is trying to catch up with Blue Origin.

    SpaceX successfully launched and landed suborbital rockets a dozen times in early 2012.

    Blue Origin did that for the first time in late 2015, three years after SpaceX.

    Then SpaceX landed a rocket from orbital flight on land. And then they landed a rocket from orbital flight on a barge at sea. Blue Origin still hasn’t so much as put a rocket into orbit yet.

    North Korea’s space program, whicy is generally considered a joke, is more capable than Blue Origin. At least they’ve put a rocket into orbit.

    Another thing to note: whereas SpaceX does everything with live video coverage, Blue Origin does everything in secret. They never announce anything in advance – they always announce and release a video after the fact. They’re a private company with no ties to the government, so there’s no one they need to answer or be accountable to, but I strongly suspect that in addition to their few successful tests that they’ve shaded video of, they have numerous failures that they’ve kept secret.

    SpaceX, by the way, is actually a company with dozens of paying customers. Nobody trusts Blue Origin by placing orders with them. At least Virgin Galactic has people who have preordered flights to space – Blue Origin doesn’t even have that.

    SpaceX should be compared with NASA and Roscosmos – they’re a serious entity in space exploration, and with their current trajectory, they’re set to be the dominant force in it.

    Blue Origin can’t be compared to SpaceX. They’re a joke, to be mentioned alongside Virgin Galactic and North Korea.

    • Saad Bhatty says:

      My comparison is based on launching and landing for the first time. SpaceX is way ahead in the race and I agree, should be on par with NASA. 🙂

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