The Lumo Lift… Does it actually work?

What is the Lumo Lift? 

The Lumo Lift is a tracking-device made by Lumo BodyTech. The idea is a simple, a handy device that tracks your posture and activities throughout the day.

The Lumo Lift is a small, elegantly designed piece of kit that uses magnets to attach itself to your clothing. The Lumo Lift comes with three default magnetic attachments. Two attachments are  external magnets, which come in the form of squares ( Silver and Black), and the other is a clip that allows it to be attached to undergarments.

The external magnets are made to look like a fashion accessory and with a beautiful metallic finish; they certainly look it. When it comes to cosmetics, the Lumo Lift surely has everything going for it. The simple pebble-like shape makes the device look visually pleasing, and the lightweight materials that make up the Lumo Lift help keep it unnoticeable to the user.

Lumo Lift Specs:

  •   1 inch width, 1.80 inch length and 0.28 inch depth
  •  Connectivity type: Wireless Bluetooth
  •  Battery life: Up to 5 days
  •  What does it track: Steps( motion), Calories.
  •  Weight: 11.5 grams (approx)


Does it actually work?

After having used the Lumo Lift for a month now, it’s clear to say that it does work.

The device is accompanied by an app on the App Store, which allows the user to see battery status, hours in right posture and motion tracking.

Before you start using the Lumo, you have to calibrate it to the posture-position you want to maintain. You calibrate the device by presssing down the main button twice and once calibrated it will buzz three times. Once that’s out of the way, you’re good to go.

Depending on how you want to use the Lumo, there are several options to choose from.

If you would like to be regularly reminded to retain an upright posture, you leave the app in default mode. However, if you would like to be reminded every so often to align your posture correctly, you can use the ‘Posture Alert’ mode.

The Posture Alert mode is currently in ‘beta’ and allows users to allocate a certain amount of time before the device alerts you of incorrect posture. This ability stops the device from potentially annoying the user with constant vibrations during use.


For those who are looking to use the Lumo Lift as a coaching device, you can use the inbuilt coaching mode. The coaching mode tracks your movements and posture positions very accurately, vibrating every time you move out of ‘correct’ position. To compliment the experience, the app displays slogans, such as ‘Good posture makes you look and feel more confident. Let’s do it!’ and ‘We know you can do it!’ which adds a ‘personal touch’ to your coaching session.

The data collected by the device is displayed on the home screen of the app as a ‘circular counter’. It tells you the number of ‘hours in correct posture’ and amount of steps taken for the particular day.  The app features a ‘Goals’ section where you can create goals for your day


As well as tracking posture, the Lumo Lift tracks movement. Using an inbuilt pedometer, the Lumo traces your steps and distance, displaying the recordings on the app home screen.

Is there anything they could do better?

There are some problems with the Lumo Lift app. The home screen sometimes feels a bit too simplified. The app could use a little more analytical information, in terms of pie charts and graphs. The user cannot get detailed information about their daily movements through the app, which is something that should be amended in future updates/products.

To Conclude

After using the Lumo Lift for a number of weeks now, there is no doubt that it does what it says on the tin. You can discretely hide the product under your clothing or choose to have it has a fashion accessory. The posture tracking is very accurate, and its vibrating buzz acts well as a reminder. It tracks your daily step count and displays the amount of calories burned as well as notifying you when goals are completed. The lack of detail in the app is the only major issue I found while using the Lumo Lift.


Price: £79

Buy now:

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