So who were the confederates?

If you’ve been watching the news recently and you aren’t up to date with American history, then you may be wondering who the Confederates are. The Confederate States of America or the Confederacy, were a group of 11 Southern States which formed prior/during the American Civil War.

Initially there were 7 States ( Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas) which unified to oppose the change Abraham Lincoln was bringing. The Confederacy formed to try and stop Abraham Lincoln from changing their way of life. They believed in the political liberty for whites and that slavery was a necessity. An online version of their constitution can be view here.


Confederate states

Upon realisation that their way-of-life was being threatened, the president of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, ought peaceful separation. However, the United States government rejected the claims of secession and considered the confederacy to be illegitimate. After rejection, a civil war broke out in South Carolina. The war started at Fort Sumter on April 12th, 1861 and the initial 7 States of the Confederacy were joined by four more ( Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia).  The war would go on for four years (1861-1865), with over 500’000 men killed or wounded.

The war ended due to the limited funding that the confederates had available and poverty. Money was scarce and farmland had become unusable or wasteland. Numerous loans were taken during the civil war but the confederates were financially ruined and resorted to the impressment of live-stock, transportation and machinery.


In the end the Confederates were forced to join the Union under Abraham Lincoln as their president. It is questionable as to whether the Confederates would have had their independence sometime down the line, if the civil war had not happened. It’s more likely to believe that if the Confederacy had not started the civil war themselves, the war would have come to them.

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