#OurThreeBoys: ‘Murdered execution style’ – Part II.

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Three Boys; Muslim; Working Class; African-American, murdered with no murderer to be found. Where is the uproar? Where is the media coverage? Is it because they were African-American and Muslim? The hashtag #OurThreeBoys has been trending on twitter for the past few days, because of the inescapable restricted scope of the media, leaving the general public to carry out their job. On a Wednesday evening, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the police had discovered three bodies of young men. They had been shot multiple times in what the police depict as ‘execution-style murder.’ This has since left the police not able to distinguish the motive and has scarcely brought on any kind of media coverage.

Adam Mekki, Mohamedtaha Omar and Muhammad Tairab were murdered in cold blood, in an empty building. The police forewarned against making any hasty judgement expressing that there is “no reason to believe this was any type of hate crime, or focused because of their religion or their nationality whatsoever.” But this still poses the question as to why then, is it okay to jump to conclusions when there is a terrorist attack? Or when a Muslim or an African-American commits a crime it is all over the media, but once they are the victims the media keeps silent?

Nonetheless, it seems outlandish, at this point, to totally rule out the conceivable fact that this could be precisely what the Muslim American rights group or Racial Equality groups have been concerned about: a declaration of America’s undeniably increasing Islamophobia issue. In the recent months and years, there has been an increase in a trend of violent hate and threats against America’s Muslims citizens, where hate crimes have tripled since the Paris attacks.  

We are singing the same song that we were singing precisely a year ago during the #OurThreeWinners campaign. The Chapel Hill Shooting, where a local man who had expressed his scorn of religion, murdered two recently married and graduated couple and a younger sister. This was followed by the massacre in the predominantly Muslim neighborhood in New York, alongside the shooting of Mike Brown, and the burning of 10 historical African-American churches.

This has not appeared suddenly. Islamophobia has entered ‘standard’ American talk in the previous year, getting significant broadcast on news networks to talk shows. CNN anchors have called Muslims “savages” and “radical”; whilst Fox News continuously get facts wrong as they refer to Islam as “destructive” and other barbaric nonsense. Presidential competitors from Donald Trump to Marco Rubio continue to express their Islamophobia and downright racism during their campaign. Ultimately, leaving us with the realisation that, racism still very much exists, Muslims and African-Americans are still be targeted, and shot even by their own authorities.

So why do we continue to sing the same song with the same tune? The straightforward answer is equality. The tragic reality of the how much we have advanced throughout the years from feminism to technology. The vast amount of knowledge we have gained, and yet, there are still individuals being killed due to their skin colour; due to their religion; due to the fact that one individual struggles to control their contempt, driving them to murder someone for appalling reasons. It is additionally worrying that the media, whose job it is to bring awareness to the general public, chose not to compose a story on this matter, but then do not hesitate to write about the Kardashians. Their coverage could have all the effect, it could diminish statistics and data on racial discrimination, but they choose not to. If this is constantly ignored, it will continue to happen again, and again, and again. But when is enough?

One has to wonder if the tables were turned, if they were not Muslim or African-American, would they attain the media coverage? Let us experiment, re-read this, whilst envisioning a world where white Christians were hated, they were continuously facing prejudice, and they were being gunned down left right and centre. What if people were targeted as victims explicitly due to the fact that they were of Christian faith and white? Now imagine, reading this article in the midst of all this animosity, three innocent young white Christians were murdered, or even executed multiple of times, and left in an empty building. Would this be seen as significant for the media? Or would it be ignored, just as the execution of Adam, Omar and Muhammad’s has been.

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