Massive explosion kills one and injures several at Didcot power station

It has been reported that a disused power station has caused a massive explosion causing one fatality, five casualties and three people unaccounted for. Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Nathan Travis, confirmed four people had been taken to hospital; two with minor injuries and two with serious.

It has been reported that a further 50 people were treated for dust inhalation.


The explosion occurred at 16:00GMT on the site of Didcot A power station, causing the main turbine hall to collapse.

There is still no clear cause of the explosion, however, a GMB Union spokesperson told the Press Association that, the collapse could have been caused by workers preparing two boilers for demolition.

All of the victims are workers at the company.

The demolition company stated on Twitter that they are still working to ‘establish facts’ following the incident.

The power plant is a combined coal and oil power plant which was closed in March 2013. Located next to it is Didcot B, which is an active natural gas power plant.

After ceasing generation in 2013, its cooling towers were demolished in July 2014, whilst total demolition was due to take place at the end of this year.

In October 2014,  a major fire struck at a cooling tower at Didcot B, which officials put down to an electrical fault in one of the station’s cooling fans. It resulted in half of the station being “non-operational” indefinitely.  There were no injuries or fatalities in this incident.


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