Major Facebook update adds 360 Photo viewing!

Grand Canyon - Full Screen Panorama-min (1)

Grand Canyon – Full Screen Panorama-min 

9th June – Facebook just released a major app update allowing Facebook users to view 360 degree/ panoramic photos natively. This is one of a few major updates Facebook has released over the last few months. 360 video viewing has been native in the Facebook app for some time now and the introduction of 360 photos nows allows users to fully immerse themselves in stunning pictures. In order to view 360 photos, users must have Facebook iOS app v57+ or Facebook Android app v80+.


Users can simply upload a 360/panoramic image taken by a 360 photo app or 360 camera. Facebook will automatically convert the photo into an immersive image.  Users using VR headsets will also be able to view the 360 photos through their devices.

Sydney - Feed

Facebook has been busy changing the way people communicate and share their personal lives. Their introduction of 360 Video ( following the purchase of Oculus), Facebook Live and Reactions  has allowed users to express themselves in more ways. The introduction of 360 photo’s means publishers can give their audiences a more enhanced experience.


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