Major avalanche kills 5 in Austria

Five Czech skiers have been killed, with 12 being engulfed by a huge Avalanche in the Austrian alps. Two of the skiers were injured, but not critically.

The avalanche occurred near the Wattental valley, south of Innsbruck, where 17 people in two ski tour groups were could up in the avalanche. The skiers were taking part in a ‘freeride camp’ and had been repeatedly warned about the danger by locals, according to ORF.

(ZOOM.TIROL/Associated Press)

Mountain rescue service personnel search for Czech skiers who were trapped in an avalanche in a valley of the Tyrolian municipality of Wattenberg, Austria, on Saturday. Five people were killed. (ZOOM.TIROL/Associated Press)

A third group of skiers raised the alarm, about the avalanche around mid-day, at an altitude of 2,000 (6,5000ft).
Rescue workers with dog teams launched a search, whilst being assisted by helicopters. Police said, some skiers were able to pull themselves out of the snow slide.
The snow slide is said to have been more than a mile (1.6km) wide and approximately 16 (4.8m) high. The avalanche, plus 19 other avalanches reported in Tyrol on Saturday, occurred as a result of unstable recent snowfall due to slight thawing.
This is not the only incident to occur, there have been a number of deadly avalanches in the French Alps this season. Recently, two teenagers and a Ukrainian tourist being killed when a teacher took the students onto a closed skiing piste at Deux-Alpes resort, and also when five soldiers from the French Foreign Legion were killed near the resort of Valfrejus, one dying the next day.

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