Hyperloop pods to be coated in Vibranium. Yes Captain America will be proud

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

We recently covered the Hyperloop and its potential to profoundly change the way we commute to destinations. Things, however, have become a lot more interesting after Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) announced they would be using a new type of material called Vibranium. According to The Verge, HTT’s pods will be made out of  sensor-embedded carbon fiber, allowing capsules to travel at speeds up to 760 mph.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

HTT decided to call the carbon hybrid Vibranium after Captain America’s iconic shield which is nearly indestructible. The new material is 10 times stronger than steel and 8 times stronger than aluminium. The sensors embedded within the  carbon allow valuable information such as temperature, pressure, stability and integrity to be transmitted for safety measures.

Safety is one of the most important aspects of our system. We are 10 times safer than an airplane – CEO of HTT, Dirk Ahlborn

HTT collaborated with C2i, a Slovakian based company to create Vibranium which will make passengers up two times safer than previously designed hyperloop pods.

To learn about the specifics on how concept hyperloop technologies work, head on over to our article on the Hyperloop.

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