A visual guide to posting an article on Flavible

This is a quick guide to getting you set up with posting articles on Flavible.

*Please make sure you have the right to upload or share any content you publish.
This includes videos and images*

Getting to the Dashboard


Getting to the Dashboard is easy. Once you have logged in you will see a toolbar present at the top of the Flavible website. By hovering over the Flavible link, a drop-down menu will appear with the ‘Dashboard‘ link present.

Adding a new post

flavible dashboard.PNG

Once at the Dashboard navigate to the ‘Posts’ section and click on the ‘Add New‘. This will open up a new page with the ability to start writing your post.

Writing the post


The new page will look like this. You simply enter your desired title in the Title bar along with the body of your text in the body area. There are two formats you can type in, Visual or Text. The Visual editor is focussed at users who can’t code and is the recommended.

For those of you who wish to include custom HTML, click on the text tab and type away. Once you have written your code into the text tab area, you can change back to the visual tab to view it.




To add hyperlinks, simply highlight the desired text and click on the ‘Insert/edit link’ button. This will open up a pop-up window which will allow you to add the URL.


Simply copy and paste the link and click ‘Add link’ to add the link to the selected text.

Adding videos and images

Should you wish to add videos to your article, the easiest way to do so is by using Youtube. You can simply copy and paste the Youtube link into the body of the post and it will embed the Youtube video directly into the article.

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The slideshow above quickly shows you the before and after of pasting a link in your article.

Should you wish you upload a video, you can do so by clicking on ‘Add media’ media button above the editor toolbar. You can also add images via this option.

Finalising your article

Before you publish your article please make sure you have ticked the right categories an
inserted appropriate tags. If there is a Category which is not available you may create one by clicking on the ‘Add New Category’ option. If you want to create a Parent category ( e.g. Psychology, Politics, Business) then leave the option as ‘Parent Category’. However, should you want to add a subcategory to one of the categories already present in the list, simply choose a category from the drop-down box.

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Once you have ticked the right categories, add between 6-8 tags in the tags option.

Adding a Featured image.feature.PNG

The featured image is the picture everyone will
see that represents the article. It is one off
the most important parts of the publishing process, as a great picture can help pull in potential readers. Adding a featured image is easy. Navigate to the Featured Image button underneath the Tags option.

Click on the button and a pop-up window will appear. Choose/upload your desired image and set it as your featured image.


Just below the body text area you’ll notice an SEO section by Yoast. Occasionally you may need to save the post as a draft and refresh the page to make sure all the data from your post shows up in the widget bar. seo.PNG

To use the widget, type in ONE keyword which is either in the title or in the body of the text. A little circular symbol near the top will be RED, Yellow or Green. Yoast will determine whether the keyword you have used is the best choice.

Keep changing the keyword until the circle is yellow or green. Preferably you should aim to get it green as it will rank better on search engines.

If you have any more questions regarding posting with Flavible on WordPress, please comment below or email us at info@flavible.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy writing

Saad Bhatty

-Team Flavible


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