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Location of the Live button in the 'Post' window

Location of the Live button in the ‘Post’ window

Facebook has a nifty ‘Live’ feature which you probably don’t know about. If you were lucky enough to have a huge fan base or be a famous public figure  (journalist, athlete, musician) then you could use Facebook Mention’s app, which allowed users to broadcast video live across the internet. This feature was implemented to allow high-profile users to communicate with their followers on a vast scale.

Facebook now lets any of its users broadcast live video privately to their friends, or publicly to strangers from anywhere. The awesome feature is not easy to find, however. Whilst the average user simply updates his/her status using the ‘What are you up to?’ bar at the top of the iOS app, to go live, one needs to dig a bit deeper.

To start a live broadcast, you need to navigate to your profile page. This is easily done by tapping on the three bars in the bottom right corner of the screen. From here you click on your profile and press the ‘post’ button. After this, a new window appears where you usually type in your status or upload a photo. This time, however, you want to navigate to the little Live icon next to the photos icon on the bottom left above the keyboard.

Pressing this will bring up a transparent window with your camera feed as the background. You have the options to choose who you broadcast to, and what the title of your broadcast will be. Pressing ‘Go Live’ initiates the broadcast and you are then live across Facebook.
Whilst live, you can see the names of people who have joined and read any comments posted by the viewers.

Facebook did note on their site that users can simple live stream directly from the ‘ What’s on your mind?’ bar on the apps home screen, however, we were unable to broadcast live this way.

Up until now, Facebook Live was only available on iOS devices, this week, however, at Facebook’s F8 developer’s conference, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Android will be receiving updates to allow Live broadcasts as early as next week. It will be rolled out in the US first, followed by more countries in the coming weeks.


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