Could we reach Mars in a few days?

According to NASA, we have the ability to travel to Mars in only a few days using different modes of propulsion.

They say that they can reach relativistic speeds in the labs using Photonic Propulsion. The technology is scalable, meaning it can made as big or small as needed.

Laser Propulsion

In 2014, NASA published a paper outlining the use a network of ground-based lasers to extend the operational lifetimes of satellites.

Currently, small satellites do not compensate for perturbation forces which cause orbital decay. This decay limits the performance of the spacecraft and are extremely noticeable in Low Earth Ortbit.

Figure 1: Schematic of laser system for orbital debris collision avoidance

Figure 1: Schematic of laser system for orbital debris collision avoidance

The network of lasers is a novel concept called LightForce. The system can be used for both spacecraft propulsion and debris collision avoidance. The stations will be able to support numerous spacecraft and extend the lifetime of satellites by up to 50%.

This form of propulsion may be a viable option to help aid space craft through space. Currently the stations can help aid a satellite with an orbit of 450 km which isn’t enough for interstellar travel. However, if we were able to change the ground-based lasers to satellite lasers then it could theoretically be possible.

To learn more on interstellar travel or travelling to Mars, read our article on the EM Drive and starships.

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  1. Good information. Lucky me I recently found your site
    by accident (stumbleupon). I’ve saved as a favorite for later!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think it is such a great idea to spend huge amounts of money for outer space hoping that we can some day we will colonise other planets.Our planet is still beautiful and habitable but bit by bit we distroy it. It is our house and we demolish it.Eventually our efforts should be to save our planet and also to help the poor and those disadvantaged.We throw money into air.If we would be so rich and would be no hungry or homeless people on planet Earth we shall explore the outer space.The fact is if all those money will be used here on our planet for nature preservation and restoring what we already disabled or almost distroyed would be for the benefit of all mankind.

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