Arabs Got Talent contestant steals hearts after moving performance

The video below is in Arabic with no translation, however, with acting like this, there is no need. The brilliant performance was carried out on Arabs Got Talent and portrays the endless conflict that occurs in Middle-Eastern countries day in and day out. The act depicts a man getting shot by an unknown source and then using his courage and bravery he pulls the bullet out and stitches himself back up.

Many people who have watched the video have given their view as to what the story behind the act means. Many agree that it depicts the constant struggle of people suffering oppression from terrorism, civil war and governments.

Towards the end of the act, the contestant says a few words which have been translated :

“This is an Arab country, you are laughing at us but you can’t underestimate us”

These powerful words are meant to relate to all the people who are suffering in the Middle East. The moral of the act can very from person to person, however most believe he saying that no matter how much hardship you through at us, we will always bounce back.




Saad Bhatty

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