6.4 Magnitude Earthquake hits Taiwan! Dozens feared dead

A deadly earthquake has hit the Taiwan city of Tainan, injuring dozens of people in high-rise buildings. The earthquake struck during the early hours of Saturday when people were sleeping. There are reports which suggest that at least four buildings have come down. So far, at least 3 people have been killed and more are expected to be announced in due course.

Reports confirmed that one of the four collapsed structures was a 17-story residential building.

“Four buildings have collapsed in Tainan City area. Search and rescue is underway and no casualties have been reported at this moment,” Lin Kuan-cheng, spokesman for the National Fire Agency, told AFP.

Soon after the earthquake struck, pictures videos of the reported tremor surfaced on Twitter.

The one video below shows the emergency services trying to scale one of the fallen buildings in Taiwan.

 Taiwan lies near the junction between two tectonic plates and is hit by earthquakes regularly. In June 2013, Taiwan was hit by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake, killing 13 people.

The Taiwanese government is expected to announce more details as the day passes.

Did you feel the earthquake?

Read more on the Taiwanese earthquake below:


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