5 of the weirdest photos that can’t be explained!

1# The Falling body


This chilling image depicts a paranormal occurrence that the Cooper family witnessed.The story of the Falling body goes as follows. The Cooper family bought an old house in Texas and moved into it. The father took a photo of the family to celebrate the occasion.Little did the father know that when he would develop the photo, there would be a dark sinister being, hanging from the ceiling.

So, how legit is this picture?

The Cooper family story is pure fiction and seems to have cropped up in 2013.No one will know the real story behind the picture, but it’s safe to say that whatever it is, it sure does freak you out.

2# The S.S Watertown ghosts

hooost 2.jpg

The traditional story for this photo goes as follows:

Two crew members, James Courney and Michael Meehan, were part of the S.S Watertown vessel. One of the days there was a freak accident which caused the two crew members to become overcome by gas fumes and were killed. They were then buried at sea as tradition went.

The following day, just before dusk, the crew members aboard the S.S Watertown, saw two faces floating in the water behind the ship. For several days after, the heads were seen floating behind the vessel. The Captain was able to take a photo of the floating heads to keep as proof for their sightings.This was the last time anything had been reported about the ghosts of the S.S Watertown.

3# The Ghost of Lord Combermere


This image is portraying the supposed ghost of Lord Combermere. This picture was taken in 1891, in the library of Lord Combermere Estate. In the 1800s, Lord Combermere was a British Cavalry Commander. He fought in the battle for the military such as the Battle of Salamanca and Bharatpore.

After this, Lord Combermere became governor of Barbados in 1817.  He was killed in 1891 after being struck by a horse-drawn carriage. Family members identified the figure in the chair as Lord Combermere. At the time this picture was taken, Lord Combermere’s funeral was taking place four miles away. Lord Combermere is also connected to another well-known paranormal story, the famous “Moving Coffins” of Barbados.

4# The time-traveling hipster.


The time-traveling hipster is quite a strange one. In the picture above, you can see a photo taken in the 1940s. Shot in Canada, everyone seems to be gathering see soimething interesting. In the middle of the crowd, is an usually dressed looking man. When compared to everyone else, he looks very modernised, with the sun glasses and camera.

Could this man be an actual time-traveller?

Well even though the photo looks convincing, it is very unlikely. The publicity it gained in 2010, suggests it was probably photoshopped and tampered with.

5# The death of Elisa Lam

Elisa Lam was a 21-year old student living in America, who suffered from bipolar disorders. In January 2013, she was staying at Hotel Cecil in Los Angeles, where She was found dead in the water tank on the roof of the hotel she was staying in.A lot of mysterious hangs over her death and here’s why.Just minutes before her death, she had been caught talking to someone or something invisible on a hotel security camera.There was video footage caught of Elisa in the hotel elevator prior to her death. Her behaviour and actions have raised the question.

After entering the elevator, Elisa begins To press numerous buttons on the elevator pad. She then begins to act in a strange manner as if hiding from something there. Elisa then vacates the elevator and looks around erratically. After some time, Elisa disappears from view. All of this time the elevator doors did not close once, even after Elisa pushed all of the buttons. It is not until Elisa has left does the elevator doors shut, re-open and then close again.

Her death has been deemed a freak accident, but after seeing footage such as this is raises some unexplainable questions.

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